Litho Lamination & Mounting

Our lamination and mounting capabilities are best in class.

Our lamination and mounting capabilities are highly versatile and provide a wide range of options for stand out and differentiation.

Swanline Print operates three laminating machines to provide an unrivalled trade laminating and mounting solution for both single-faced and double-faced materials including F, E, I, B, C, NE, FE, EE, EB and BC flute grades. 

Our ultra-large format Automatän machine can laminate materials up to 20,000 micron (20mm) in caliper, as well as catering for any double-sided laminating specifications.

Single-Faced Corrugated

  • Max: 1650 (Flute) X 1650mm (Print Sheet)
  • Min: 470 (Flute) X 465mm (Print Sheet)

Double-Faced Corrugated:

  • Max: 1510 X 2050mm (Print Sheet)​
  • Max: 2030 X 3050mm (Base Board)
  • Min: 250 X 150mm (Print Sheet)
  • Min: 400 X 400mm (Base Board)

Large Format Litho Laminating - Automatän Model EM

Swanline operate one of Europe’s largest format litho laminators,  giving clients a unique opportunity to develop value-added products for the POS and packaging sectors. 

Single-Faced Corrugated

  • Spot laminated printed sheets in a pre-determined position.
  • Ability to apply printed sheets simultaneously to opposite faces of a substrate.
  • Cut to register and mount printed sheets from a web reel.
  • Mount digitally printed paper from a reel to a rigid substrate.
  • Mount embossed papers and generic prints from a reel.


The opportunities are limited only by a designer’s imagination, so take advantage of the exceptional possibilities that can be created from this machine and contact us to find out more.

  • Maximum Litho Printed Top Sheet Size: 1510 x 2050mm (label)
  • Maximum Un-printed Top Sheet Size: 1650 x 2080mm (label)
  • Maximum Rigid Base Board Size: 2030 x 3050mm
  • Rigid Base Board – 1500 micron (1.5mm) up to 20,000 micron (20mm)
  • Top Sheet – 75 micron (.075mm) up to 280 micron (.280mm)

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