Swanline provides end-to-end services, from design and print, to processing, handling and shipping of products.

Swanline offers a 360 service when it comes to your print & packaging needs. From a vast range of sustainable materials to choose from, to constructional design, artwork and manufacture. The supplementary fulfilment service is offered to customers following full production of your packaging or POS.

We are able to assemble and fulfil units and, if required, distribute directly to store, thereby removing significant transport cost to an external packer / filler, whilst also reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Why Use Swanline Fulfilment?

  • Better project management – Swanline has a thorough understanding of your project from concept to delivery
  • Experienced assembly workers with full technical support from the on-site design team
  • Scope for lead-time reductions from overlapping manufacturing and fulfilment processes on a single site
  • Eliminates necessity of dealing with third party contract packers including supplying briefings, samples etc
  • Reduces transport costs by removing delivery of point of sale units to a fulfilment house

Get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about fulfilment.