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Investing in technology to open new markets, lead the sector and ensure we offer our customers the best, is fundamental to our strategy.

Lamina gluing machine 2200

The Lamina Gluer is a manual fed in-line folding, gluing and taping machine. By the genius construction it is able to handle various sizes of different materials.The tool free set-up allows a quick change over even for short runs. Options for the machine include cold glue, back support unit and tape applicator.

BOBST Expertfold 165 Folder-Gluer

With advanced feeding, accurate pre-breaking and a folding process that minimises fishtailing and gap, our Expertfold Gluer ensures high productivity and a quality finished product. It has straight-line, crash-lock, 4&6-corner capabilities as well as quick setting times.

vision cut machine

BOBST Visioncut 1.6PR Autoplaten

Delivering unrivalled print-to-cut accuracy the BOBST 1.6PR Autoplaten® die cutter with Power Register is perfect for high quality, shelf ready, luxury and ecommerce packaging.

HP FB11000 Digital Presses

Swanline Group were the first UK corrugated converter to install an HP Scitex FB10000 industrial press (now upgraded to FB11000), quickly followed by a second machine. Adopting this technology facilitates versioning, small production runs, ecommerce packaging, personalisation and PoS specifications.

Picture of print

BOBST Foliostar 165 Matic

Upgrading to the new BOBST print sheet feeder has improved ‘uptime’ on the laminator with greater control at the board registration stage. Further upgrading to the innovative Gapro Nano adhesive metering system provides metered adhesive coverage and reduces warped sheets, particularly double-sided laminated boards which are commonly used for ecommerce packaging. In addition, we are able to feed solid board through the board feeder with a caliper above 0.7 mm.


Our bespoke Fosber/Stock sheeter with Emmepi materials handling equipment allows us to sheet materials on-site, to meet the bespoke needs of our customers.

Picture of sheeter

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