Speciality Gluing & Hand Finishing

We operate a variety of gluing methods to provide our creative team with a broad scope in which to design.

The Lamina Gluer 2200 is a manual fed in-line folding, gluing and taping machine. By the genius construction it is able to handle various sizes of different materials.The tool free set-up allows a quick change over even for short runs. Options for the machine include cold glue, back support unit, and tape applicator.

With advanced feeding, accurate pre-breaking and a folding process that minimises fishtailing and gap, our Bobst Expertfold Gluer ensures high productivity and a quality finished product. It has straight-line, crash-lock, four and six-corner capabilities as well as quick setting times.

hand gluing machine

Our Andrew & Suter Supernova speciality gluer is ideal for crash lock and corner glued packaging and POS.

The Bickers Gluejet 17.25 X/Y geometric pattern gluer and the semi-automatic hot-melt gluing machines are suitable for large format packaging and point of sale applications.

If you want to find out more about our speciality gluing and hand finishing, please get in touch.