CorrBoard Bioenergy & CorrBoard UK

We are extremely proud of our investments in CorrBoard Bioenergy and CorrBoard UK as they provide us with corrugated sheet board produced using renewable energy.

Corrboard BioEnergy

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CorrBoard Bioenergy (CB Bio) is the world’s first sustainable energy generation facility, fuelled by organic waste to provide heat and power for the manufacture of corrugated sheet board, at CorrBoard UK.

Circular Economy

A joint venture between Swanline Group and Mclaren Packaging, CB Bio has the capacity to divert 25,000 tonnes per annum of biological waste from landfill to provide more than twice CorrBoard UK’s energy consumption, or enough energy to heat and sustain 1,500 homes. The excess energy will be fed to the National Grid and allocated back to Swanline Group and McLaren Packaging in carbon credits to use at their respective manufacturing plants in Staffordshire and Port Glasgow.

A by-product of the plant is quality fertiliser, pasteurised and certified to PAS 110, suitable for spreading on local farmland to aid crop growing. 

Some of the waste needed for the 6,400 Megawatt/annum plant will be sourced from Swanline and McLaren’s packaging users who require compliant food waste disposal, thus providing a robust circular economy.

Visit the CorrBoard Bioenergy website for more details.

Corrboard UK

Swanline Group is proud to partner with CorrBoard UK, a privately-owned consortium company operating an independent sheet feeder. The Fosber 2.8mm ‘fast order change corrugator’ with double down-stackers is the most up-to-date and efficient corrugator in Europe. It has full ‘environmental enclosure’ giving employees a clean, dust free and quiet working environment and uses up to 40% less energy than older corrugator installations.    

Eco Credentials

Products supplied from CorrBoard UK to Swanline Group

Visit the CorrBoard UK website for more details.