Litho Lamination & Mounting

Our lamination and mounting capabilities are best in class.

Swanline Print operates three state of the art mounting / laminating machines. Whether you require just trade mounting / laminating services or fully manufactured products, we have the capabilities to suit every need.

Our BOBST Asitrade Foliostar, Stock Maschinenbau and Automatän EM laminators offer unrivalled versatility from “F” flute single faced to “BC” doublewall corrugated plus many rigid base board materials. We also cater for small format spot position label mounting right up to the largest formats in Europe.

Single-Faced Corrugated


  • Max: 1650mm (Flute) X 1650mm
  • Min: 470mm (Flute) X 465mm

Double-Faced Corrugated and Rigid Substrates:

  • Max: 1510mm X 2050mm (Print Sheet)​
  • Max: 2030mm X 3050mm (Base Board)
  • Min: 250mm X 150mm (Print Sheet)
  • Min: 400mm X 400mm (Base Board)
  • Single Faced: F, E, I (between E and B), B, C,
  • Double Faced: N, F, E, I (between E and B), B, C, EE, EB, BC
  • Rigid Base Board: 0.9mm up to 20mm
  • Top Sheet: 0.075mm up to 0.4mm

Offering versatile lamination options allows designers to think about optimising cost advantage for their clients. Being able to mix and match materials across technologies supports innovation for Point of Sale, but also offers flexibility with corrugated packaging requirements.

Large Format Litho Laminating - Automatän Model EM

Swanline operate one of Europe’s largest format litho laminators,  giving clients a unique opportunity to develop value-added products for the POS and packaging sectors. 

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