We have a range of board and papers that offer high performance, environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic substrates.

Swanline Paper & Board offers a broad range of innovative, high performance, sustainable paper based materials for the packaging, point-of-sale and sign & display sectors.

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Cygnus® Eco Board

The world’s leading environmentally-friendly, 100% paper based board. Resistant to water, it is perfect for temporary internal and external signage and moisture-sensitive packaging.


Available in 300, 430, 520, 830, 1250, 1500, 2220 micron

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Cygnus® Excellent Display Board

The market-leading display board for indoor signage and POS applications. This 100% paper based, smooth board with a clean white core provides an ideal recyclable alternative to plastics such as foam PVC.

Available in 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000 micron

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Cygnus® GD2 Liner

A multi-coated GD2 liner with a white top coat and a grey reverse, it is made from 100% recycled paper and is designed specifically for litho lamination. Once laminated it is suitable for a wide range of POS and packaging applications.

Available in 200gsm and 225gsm

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Ibema Speciala GC1

A double-coated, high bulk, high white carton board, approved for direct food contact. It has a white reverse and is suitable for pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetic products.

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Ibema Supera GC2

A double-coated, high bulk carton board, approved for direct food contact. It is made from 100% virgin paper with high stiffness values, a double coating, hard-sized and OBA free. It is suitable for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and direct food contact packaging solutions.

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Cygnus® Corrugated Clay Coat

A fully recyclable corrugated board. It has a white kaolin coated top surface receptive to printing ink, with either a brown or white reverse.

Available in EE, EB, B, E, F, N, FE, NE flutes.

Single Face Corrugate

a fully recyclable open flute corrugate primarily used for litho lamination to printed media. This can be supplied in all popular flute profiles and cut to bespoke sizes on our high-speed rotary sheeter.

Available in F, E, I and B flutes

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Cygnus® High White

A GC1, 200gsm virgin paper liner with a crisp white reverse, suitable for high quality litho laminated packaging. It has high bulk and stiffness so is also suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging. It is FSC© certified and full recyclable.



A versatile fully coated cream-backed folding boxboard ideal for food packaging. It is a rigid substrate with a high bulk. This can be supplied from 460-1000 micron and in reels for conversion on our high-speed rotary sheeter.

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Cygnus® Display Board

Engineered and formulated for the digital market but can also be used for litho and screen processes. It is an FSC® accredited and double side coated lightweight liner that is highly stable.

Available in sheet sizes from 1040 x 1285mm up to 1600 x 3200 ex-stock.

Eco Kraft Bull

Cygnus® Eco kraft

Manufactured in the heart of Sweden, Cygnus® Eco Kraft Board is the world’s leading environmentally friendly, 100% paper based board. Resistant to water and moisture, it is perfect for retail point of sale and moisture sensitive packaging.

Available in 460 micron and available in sheet sizes from 450x640mm up to 1700x3600mm. Bespoke sizes are available upon request.