Eco Credentials

We are committed to innovation in sustainability and continually invest in reducing our environmental impact.

We have implemented a variety of initiatives at our HQ, in Stone, Staffordshire to help reduce our carbon footprint:

Our policy is to:

  • Solar panels – we have solar panels on our factories which means we have reduced our carbon footprint.
  • Carbon credits – due to our stake in CorrBoard Bioenergy, we are in the process of receiving carbon credits for the excess energy supplied back to the National Grid. These credits will then be used at Swanline HQ allowing us to further reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Swanline Paper & Board – the business was founded on an eco-friendly ethos and is working towards a plastic free portfolio.
  • Inks – where possible we use water and vegetable-based inks, which can be recycled and have zero impact upon the environment.
  • On-site compactors – we have three offcut trim compactors on-site and recycle 1200 tonnes per year.