Staff Profile – Lisa Morrall

Picture of Lisa

Lisa Morrall, a dedicated and passionate professional, has been an integral part of Swanline for over 15 years. Starting as a member of the internal sales and order process team, Lisa’s hard work and commitment led her to her current role as the departmental manager eight years ago. In a recent interview, Lisa graciously shared her experiences and offered valuable insights into her role at Swanline.

When asked about her previous experience before joining Swanline, Lisa revealed an unexpected beginning. “Believe it or not, my route into corrugated came from working at Pontins as a Bluecoat,” she said. For over four years, Lisa entertained guests at various holiday camps. However, when the holiday season ended, her brother, who worked as a manager at a box factory in Stoke, helped her secure a temporary position. Little did she know that this temporary job would turn into a remarkable 16-year journey with the company.

During her tenure at the box factory, Lisa progressed from roles within the production team to working in the planning department. As a senior factory planner, she was responsible for programming different deckles on the corrugator and managing the ordering process for reels from mills and docks. Her expertise in keeping the machines running smoothly and meeting customer lead times made her an invaluable asset to the company, but when the opportunity came to work at Swanline, she couldn’t pass it up.

Originally starting as a member of the internal sales and order process team, Swanline soon grew, and Lisa’s proficiency and dedication caught the attention of the management. She was promoted to the role of Sales Order Process Manager, overseeing a team of four professionals. Lisa’s day-to-day responsibilities involve evaluating customer orders, distributing tasks among team members, and ensuring the accurate placement of external material orders. Her role also extends to helping project managing complex campaigns from larger clients, involving product fulfilment and packing.

Lisa’s attention to detail is evident in her work. She meticulously reviews production drawings before releasing orders to ensure all customer specifications are met. Moreover, she plays a crucial role in maintaining clients’ stock by keeping spreadsheets up to date, which aids both the production and planning departments. Lisa’s ability to communicate effectively with internal teams ensures that everyone is aware of clients’ expectations and any last-minute changes.

When asked about her favourite part of working at Swanline, Lisa couldn’t help but emphasize the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. She highlighted the incredible team spirit and the presence of experienced colleagues who offer support and guidance whenever needed. It’s worth mentioning that Lisa is fortunate enough to have several family members working alongside her at Swanline, including her son, brother, niece, and even her husband, who sits just a few feet away from her desk.

Reflecting on her fondest memory at Swanline, Lisa fondly recalls the moment she was promoted to manager. “I am conscientious and work incredibly hard, and with that promotion, I felt that I had been rewarded for doing so,” she shared with pride. Her dedication and attention to detail have undoubtedly contributed to her success in her role.

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys indulging in live music and theatre shows. She has a penchant for dining out and cherishes moments spent socializing and partying. While Lisa prefers a cosy pub or bar over a fancy cocktail lounge, she also devotes a significant amount of her spare time to her beloved 16-year-old parrot named Barney. Despite the occasional biting and the effort required to clean up after him, Barney remains Lisa’s cherished companion with a unique personality of his own.

As a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience, Lisa had one valuable piece of advice to pass on: “Always treat other people the way that you would hope to be treated by them. Show respect, use your manners, and be polite.” Her philosophy of kindness and respect is evident in the way she interacts with her colleagues and in her everyday work at Swanline.