Post Brexit Opportunity

Whether you voted in or out in the Brexit referendum, we must all reflect on and repair the divide that confounds evolution and saps the very energy from the opportunity to progress. We need to unite the UK and work together for the benefit of businesses and people, whilst also rebuilding relationships with our European friends. Whether we like it or not, Brexit has happened, and it is here to stay for the foreseeable future so we must grasp our newfound independence and utilise the diverse resources of this wonderful nation to create wealth and stability for the future.

The ineptitude of constant negative media propaganda and inexcusable behaviour by some politicians, individuals on soap boxes and bloggers is still creating misguided judgement and division and this simply must stop if we are to build from our current position. We now see these tedious, futile disruptors starting to isolate themselves as the people of this great nation begin to tire of their erroneous doom and gloom predictions.

Our businesses enter 2021 with an incredibly positive outlook. Despite the barrage of seemingly bad news, vaccines are becoming available to quell COVID, and business opportunity is undoubtedly available to those who grasp the adjusted business environment we now work in. Indeed, pre-EU deal I met on Zoom with a London based investment company who stated that they had hundreds of millions of pounds available from international businesses looking to invest in the UK regardless of whether there was an EU deal or not because the UK is seen as a land of opportunity. If other nations see the opportunity in UK plc, why do so many of us struggle with the concept here? Once the bumps of Brexit are smoothed, we can and will achieve great things!

The government has a huge task on its hands to please every business in the UK; farmers, fishing, retail, engineering, financial services, technology, etc. We all need to be mindful of how long this will take, but the best way we can all help UK industry is to buy British wherever possible. With seamless access to world markets and the diversity of our great nation, we can rebuild our manufacturing industries, be a world centre for technology and services whilst enjoying a rejuvenated farming industry, free from outside interference.

There will be many who disagree with this point of view but there can be no argument that unity can now bring us strength as easily as division can bring us weakness. One thing that we can all agree on is that the UK has left the EU and we all need to find the best way of moving forward, for the sake of our nation and our thriving industries.

– Nick Kirby, CEO