Customer Case Study – Palate Display Ltd

Swanline is proud to have a number of long-standing customers who have been with us for many years. One of these customers is Palate Display Ltd, which was set up by Andrew Home almost 14 years ago and has several blue-chip clients.

Andrew had worked in the industry for seven years and was looking for a change of direction when he spoke to Swanline Managing Director, Richard Towers for advice. Richard encouraged him to set up his own company, and after a few discussions, Palate Display Ltd was born. Richard remained as Andrew’s first point of contact and his company has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Andrew stated: “I had no idea at the time what was going to happen but am so pleased that the business has grown into what it is today, and I couldn’t have done it without Swanline.”

Over the last 14 years Swanline has created some unique innovative designs with Palate Display, including a plinth with rip tops that was designed, approved, and manufactured within 3 weeks and sent to every Lidl in Europe. “There is something amazing about seeing your projects in large stores, knowing they are all over Europe, I was very proud and pleased that we were able to create something so brilliantly innovative and sustainable for Lidl so quickly.” Andrew says. “There have been various stand-out projects over the years, including a corrugated bookcase that we nicknamed ‘The Rocket’ because we knew it was going to take off! We also had a fantastic F1 project, where we created a floor standing display unit in the shape of a racing car. Not to mention the countless projects where I needed a more sustainable alternative to plastics. Swanline has always delivered.”

At the moment the Swanline team is  working with Andrew and Palate Display Ltd to develop a sustainable alternative to an acetate tray, using Swanline’s signature Cygnus® material to move away from plastic while remaining cost neutral.

“The people are so friendly at Swanline, I feel like I know them all like family. It feels like I work with them rather than being their customer and we have a good level of trust. I have always been happy to let my customers know who my manufacturer is and have brought several customers to Swanline to introduce them to the designers and show them their jobs being produced.” Andrew continues, “I couldn’t run my business as efficiently or effectively without Swanline. I know the systems and procedures and know exactly what I’m getting with Swanline as I know them so well. I feel like I’m integrated within the business. Both Richard and Director of Design and Graphics, Linsey Brookes, have been a massive help to me.”

Andrew has brought multiple customers to Swanline to take part in design workshops, where our designers have designed and sampled a whole range of POS display prototypes tailored to each project to give them a broad choice of potential ideas. On one such occasion the customer ended up proceeding with orders for the entire range of constructional designs that were presented as he felt they fitted the bill so perfectly.

Andrew has also had two of his children do work experience within Swanline, learning the ropes within the industry. “I couldn’t recommend Swanline enough,” confirms Andrew.

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