Case Study: Zeus Sustainable Exhibition Stand

The Brief:

Swanline Group are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the Sustainable Exhibition Stand. This pioneering development represents a major leap forward in the exhibition industry, combining sustainability with practicality and aesthetic appeal. Zeus Packaging have tasked us with their recent Packaging Innovations stand being made from 100% recyclable and compostable material, to ensure their stand is sustainable. Our stand is not just a product; it’s a statement of our commitment to environmental responsibility and innovative design.


Swanline’s Role: The Journey to Sustainability

The development of the Sustainable Exhibition Stand for Zeus began in 2023, driven by a vision to create an exhibition stand  that is fully sustainable, compostable, and recyclable, as well as being easy to set up and build, and take down at the end of the event. We embarked on this journey by engaging with the Zeus team, conducting thorough market research, and setting clear design objectives. Through multiple rounds of prototyping and testing, we refined our design to meet the highest standards of performance and sustainability.

The exhibition stand is crafted entirely from plastic-free materials, ensuring that it is 100% recyclable and compostable. We are proud to have received certifications from renowned sustainability organisations such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). These accreditations underscore our dedication to responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship.


Innovation and Originality

Our sustainable exhibition stand features a flat-pack configuration ensures easy transportation and assembly, reducing logistical complexities and costs. State-of-the-art printing and production technologies guarantee high-quality graphics and decoration, enhancing brand visibility and recognition. We used our HP Scitex 11000 digital press to print the stand. The printed corrugate material was then cut using our Kongsberg cutting table to ensure accuracy.  By offering a sustainable alternative to traditional aluminium or PVC exhibition stands, we have not only strengthened brand loyalty for Zeus but also differentiated them in a competitive market. Additionally, the stand is designed for usability and product protection, ensuring a seamless and effective display experience.

The core design concept for the project is for the useability of space by utilising dense space to create resilient corrugate shelving capable of withstanding a maximum weight of up to 10kg. The central unit displaying the TV was constructed to have corrugated material going around the TV to support the weight by going through the unit to the floor. The entire stand was very use friendly to build using corrugated fittings and took just over 1 day to build and 4 hours to deconstruct.


The challenge for the stand to be sustainable must include the flooring used, which is typically made using single use vinyl or carpet, however Swanline wanted to offer something as recyclable and compostable as the rest of the exhibition stand, but stronger and could endure a large footfall throughout several days.. We found that using Cygnus® Excellent Display Board was the best solution, with its robustness and durability, an ideal alternative to PVC . The material is perfect for printing designs, durable and easy to install whilst ensuring total sustainability. The carbon emissions produced by PVC plastics used in vinyl flooring (photo printed flooring) per 1000kg of material is estimated to be between 1500 – 2500kg, whereas Cygnus® Excellent Display Board material uses 584kg of CO2e per 1000kg of material. The lower emissions from the Cygnus® Excellent material is a better solution for sustainable flooring. The financial difference is that PVC Vinyl flooring is more expensive than the Cygnus® Excellent flooring making the switch a no-brainer!


Pedal Power

Zeus tasked our team in addition to sustainable materials and design, for the stand to be as sustainable as possible including the power supply of the stand. As an add-on concept, the stand included an innovative pedal power option. This off-grid energy supply feature further enhances the stand’s environmental credentials, showcasing our commitment to innovative and practical sustainability solutions. Our team developed a repurposed car battery into an energy generating source to power the entire Zeus stand. Pedal Power supplied the stands lighting and TV through the use of a GT Aggressor Sports bike connected to the electrical system to ensure the stand is as sustainable as possible. We utilised an altimeter from a car attaching to the bike training system to provide a charge into the battery via an inverter. The concept was simple – keep peddling to keep power!

For more information on sustainable exhibition stands and how Swanline could develop your next event stand contact our sister company, BoxMart, today.