Swanline’s Investment in The BOBST Expertfold 165 Folder-Gluer

Swanline has recently invested in The BOBST Expertfold 165 Folder-Gluer, continuing their commitment to investing in the latest technology for their customers. Investment in new technology ensures that Swanline can penetrate new markets, lead the sector, and guarantee they offer their customers the best, which is fundamental to the Swanline strategy.

The Expertfold 165 has been designed to give Swanline complete control during the folding process, no matter what type of corrugated board or litho-laminated boxes need producing.

With advanced feeding, accurate pre-breaking and a folding process that minimises fishtailing and gap, the Expertfold Gluer ensures high productivity and a quality finished product. It has straight-line, crash-lock, 4&6-corner capabilities as well as quick setting times. The Expertfold also provides the versatility and flexibility needed to meet every request that Swanline customers require.

CEO Nick Kirby says: “The Expertfold Gluer will not only give us flexibility over styles, but gives us greater innovative designs, not to mention increase our capacity. It is very important to Swanline as a company to keep on top of the latest technology and to be able to give our customers a range of services at top quality.”

The Expertfold Gluer provides better protection and safety; protecting goods is the main requirement for corrugated boxes, meaning it will ensure high quality, clever designs, robustness, and zero-fault.

These days, consumers expect the most relevant un-boxing of any goods and want an ‘out of the box’ experience that Swanline are set on delivering. With packages becoming cleverer, telling a story as part of the brand positioning and optimisation, Swanline are sure to delight with their end-to-end services.

“The demand for e-commerce boxes is growing and is here to stay. These days boxes need to come in almost any size and shape, requiring flexibility and productivity across the supply chain. Consumers are calling out for more sustainable packaging and for production to reduce its environmental carbon footprint with less waste across the entire supply chain. This is why we keep on top of the latest technology, investing in newer, bigger and better machines so that our customers don’t have to. Not only for more capacity and greater capabilities and offerings, but to ensure we cut down on our carbon footprint and waste.” Nick affirms.

To partner with a trade only supplier that invests in the latest technology so that you don’t have to, contact Swanline today.


Installing the BOBST Expertfold 165 Folder-Gluer at the Swanline premises