Swanline Group invests in Enfocus Switch Workflow Automation Platform from MediaInc

Switch graphic

Swanline Group has invested in ‘Switch Workflow Automation Platform’ to automate the management of artwork and enhance its customer experience.

Enfocus Switch software expedites a reliable, consistent and automated file management process that is integrated with existing internal hardware and software assets. Customers can upload their artwork into Swanline’s system for pre-flight checking, preparing for print and automatically adding to the print queue without manual intervention.

Being scalable with open architecture, Switch can help meet the changing needs of the business as it evolves. The system keeps customers informed of the progress of their job throughout the whole process, starting with a file receipt once the artwork has been uploaded and registered by the system.

Management of artwork file receipt, preparation, pre-flight, processing and approval using international quality standards for colour has previously been a challenge due to its manual nature, but all of this is now automated and integrated into a robust and proficient workflow.

Nick Kirby, CEO Swanline Group “We are continually looking for ways to enhance our services to offer innovative solutions; investing in Switch seemed the next logical step. By eliminating operator intervention, repetitive tasks and prepress production errors we can improve quality and provide customers with real time information about how their job is progressing. This is vital in today’s fast paced work environments where we are seeing shorter deadlines and customers needing quicker turnarounds”.

The Switch software will also link to the company’s existing EFI Shuttleworth MIS system and Esko Artios CAD design software for superior efficiency and flexibility, to share rendered conceptual designs with customers. Visual representation of their requirement is often a good way to secure the buy-in of a client without the need for a full sizes sample.

Switch Workflow