Staffordshire based Swanline Group, a prominent player in the specialist printed packaging and Point-of-Sale displays sector and a subsidiary of Zeus Packaging, has taken decisive steps to fortify its trade-exclusive print and conversion services for the UK’s packaging and POS industries. The company’s latest move involves the acquisition of cutting-edge machinery from BOBST, a long-standing collaborator.


The new additions, including a BOBST EXPERTFOLD 165 A2 folder-gluer and a VISIONCUT 1.6 PR die-cutter, underscore Swanline’s commitment to staying ahead of the industry’s growth trajectory. The strategic placement of these machines at the central Staffordshire site enhances the company’s prowess in delivering high-quality corrugated packaging solutions to a burgeoning market.


Richard Towers, Managing Director of Swanline Group, remarked, “Our partnership with BOBST spans over a decade, and this new investment marks a continuation of our mutually beneficial journey.”


Dave Salt, Production Manager, highlighted the imperative of embracing cutting-edge technology: “To offer our customers top-tier solutions, constant investment in advanced processing, printing, and conversion technology is a prerequisite. BOBST’s equipment and robust service network align perfectly with our vision.”


The augmented BOBST technology armamentarium bolsters Swanline’s capacity to cater to both existing and future clientele, addressing the ever-expanding demand. The EXPERTFOLD 165’s reliability and folding precision, combined with its prowess in handling intricate packaging designs, pave the way for heightened innovation and creative freedom.


Complementing this, the VISIONCUT 1.6 PR die-cutting machine, renowned for its flexibility, quality, and cost-efficiency, further elevates Swanline’s capabilities. This compact yet versatile machine accommodates diverse substrates and run lengths, seamlessly integrating into existing production lines. Opting for the PR version, which incorporates BOBST POWER REGISTER, ensures unparalleled print-to-cut precision.


These advancements seamlessly integrate with Swanline’s existing technology, including the BOBST FOLIOSTAR 165 MATIC sheet-to-sheet laminator and the BOBST VISIONCUT 1.6 with POWER REGISTER® system, already in use.


Nick Geary, Business Sales Manager for Bobst UK & Ireland, lauded Swanline’s innovative spirit, manufacturing prowess, and sustainability focus.


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