Sustainable Options More Cost Effective

Swanline have recently conducted research into the potential savings that could be achieved by choosing more sustainable material options, like our Cygnus® Eco Board and Cygnus Excellent Display Board, compared to plastics like PVC.


Through this research Swanline have discovered that our customers are not only helping to save the planet, but saving money as well, through choosing board over plastic.


Our findings below:


Internal applications – 1220 x 2440 Foam PVC versus Cygnus Excellent


3mm Foam PVC versus 2mm Excellent – up to 124% cheaper

3mm Foam PVC versus 3mm Excellent – up to 55% cheaper

3mm Foam PVC versus 4mm Excellent – up to 15% cheaper


5mm Foam PVC versus 2mm Excellent – up to 278% cheaper

5mm Foam PVC versus 3mm Excellent – up to 162% cheaper

5mm Foam PVC versus 4mm Excellent – up to 94% cheaper


External applications – 1220 x 2440 Correx versus Cygnus ECO Ultra


2.7mm Correx versus 2200mic Eco Ultra – up to 8% cheaper


These findings show that there are some huge savings to be made by choosing a more sustainable option – not only in the price of the material, but by reversing the costs incurred to have plastic waste removed, into a revenue paid for the recycling of our paper-based alternatives.

Swanline’s Cygnus Eco Board and Excellent Display Board are both manufactured in the heart of Sweden and are 100% recyclable and sustainable. Our Eco Board is moisture resistant so ideal for moisture sensitive packaging. This material is 100% paper-based board, making it environmentally friendly and ideal for retail point of sale.

Cygnus Excellent Display Board is the market leading display board for indoor retail signage and POS applications. This smooth, white-centred board with a clean core provides an ideal recyclable alternative to plastics, most commonly used in the signage sector.

To save money and the environment, choose sustainable material for your next project and contact Swanline today.


*Analysis correct as of 14/12/2021