Staff Profile – Pip Gorringe

Pip Gorringe is the Marketing Manager for Swanline Group. Pip has worked for Swanline since September 2020, bringing with her over 13 years of experience within marketing as well as being Chair for Beyond the Box – The Confederation of Paper Industries promotional committee to encourage the UK to recycle more, as well as increase knowledge of corrugated packaging and re-shape Britain’s approach to packaging. Before Swanline, Pip gained experience in the world of packaging from being Marketing Manager at Board24.

On a day-to-day business, Pip covers all aspects of marketing with Swanline, including maintaining and updating the website, SEO audits, writing blogs, creating and implementing e-mail campaigns, creating social media posts, as well as heading up marketing projects for the sales team to present to customers and marketing projects within the company.

Pip tells us what the favourite part of working for Swanline is: “It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since I started, as I joined in the height of the covid-19 pandemic, so it was really difficult to get to know my fellow colleagues and have gotten to know the majority of them via e-mail and zoom meetings! They have made it so easy for me during a difficult time and have been very welcoming and can’t wait for a time when I can get to know them better face to face!

“So far my favourite moment of being at Swanline is between two different occurrences. The first being when was when I was chosen as Chair for the CPI promotional committee, ‘Beyond the Box’, which I had previously been a member of in my previous job. It was great to continue the brilliant work that the committee are doing in trying to encourage recycling and the benefits of corrugated packaging within the UK. The second would be my second day on the job, when I was thrown in at the deep end as they had arranged for several promotional videos to be shot in and around the Swanline factories, promoting the various services we have to offer. I had no idea where I was going, had no idea who anyone was but I had so much fun doing it and it helped me learn about the different services and the layout of Swanline very quickly.”

Outside of work, Pip has various hobbies, including being part of a Murder Mystery group, as well as acting on stage and has recently started her own improvisation group. On top of that she also owns her own business which supplies children’s birthday parties around her local area. When she’s not murdering people or performing, she’s also a single mother to her 11-year-old daughter and currently has five dogs and two cats – she clearly likes to keep busy!

The one piece of advice that Pip lives by is: “You will only ever regret the things in life that you didn’t do, rather than what you did do. So do absolutely everything your heart desires and go for it!”