staff profile – Gurpreet Bhatti

Gurpreet Bhatti is one of the newest members of the Swanline team and joined us a Structural Designer at the beginning of the year.


Gurpreet comes to Swanline with 5 years of packaging design and sample making experience after studying Product Design at Bournemouth University. So far Gurpreet has been trained on our Artios CAD machine and is currently learning about FSDU design.


In his own words, Gurpreet explains what he generally does on a day-to-day basis on the Swanline design team: “Currently I am designing and producing CAD drawings for packaging solutions, as well as working with the rest of the design team to expand my knowledge of display units and the processes used by Swanline.”


Gurpreet continues to explain his favourite part of working for Swanline so far, “It’s been a very welcoming work environment and it seems like personal development is encouraged and supported, which I’m very pleased about.”


Gurpreet describes himself as creative and always knew he wanted to have a creative job; it wasn’t until he’d been in the industry for a couple of years that he decided he wanted to make this a long-term career.


When Gurpreet isn’t working hard at designing our latest innovative packaging ideas, he enjoys going to the gym and balances this with playing computer games at home. He also loves to cook – and then getting to devour the dishes he creates!


Gurpreet’s one piece of advice for us is: “Act towards solving the problems you have control over, and don’t dwell on the ones you don’t.”