Staff Profile – Asta Hulme

Asta Hulme is Swanline’s Hand Assembly Manager and has been in the role for almost three years after being promoted from supervisor in April 2018. Prior to that she had been with Swanline for four years.

Before working at Swanline, Asta had worked in several other hand assembly departments after coming to the UK from Lithuania. In Lithuania she was the manager of a municipal sports department, as well as owning her own sports club which included a gym, a track for long distance running and provided aerobics classes.

Day to day, Asta handles the management of the hand assembly department for Swanline’s POS production. The POS work can range from straight forward packing to large scale assembly and fulfilment jobs and Asta is responsible for allocating the staff, setting up the production floor and above all, checking the quality of Swanline’s POS work.

Asta says her favourite part of working at Swanline is seeing the development and implementation of continuous operational improvement plans and processes. Asta’s fondest memory of working at Swanline was when she was promoted to Hand Assembly Manager. “I am very pleased with the strong team within our department. It is a very hardworking, responsible and friendly team of people. Not to mention that I met my future husband through working at Swanline, with whom we created a strong family almost 3 years ago.

Outside of work, Asta is passionate about sports. She was a professional hockey player and an aerobic classes instructor, and loves long distance running as well as mountain skiing. In her spare time Asta also enjoys dancing, reading and gardening.

The most important piece of advice that Asta gives us is that we should “Love what you do!”.