E-commerce Box Design Initiative

Recently Swanline conducted a design initiative to try to evolve the next generation of e-commerce packaging that does not use tape. The growth potential in the e-commerce sector is vast and it is expected to continue to grow as shopping habits change. So, Swanline decided to put our award-winning design teams to the test to create something unique and sustainable.

We partnered up with our sister company BoxMart for some healthy competition to create a sustainable alternative to taping on e-commerce boxes; Corrugated packaging that can be sealed without the use of tape, that is fully recyclable and can also do a return journey with a closure.

We asked our Non-Executive Director, Bob McLellan, to impartially judge the entries. We gave our design teams two weeks to put together a design, including a CAD design and samples, and sent them to Bob to test and judge.

Two main criteria were considered whilst judging; the simplicity to open and close and after closure, how pilfer proof was the box during its return.

After a week of judging all entries, Bob announced the winner. “All entries were very thoughtful and showed the great talent of the thinking designers in the business so in that sense, all were winners.

“However, we felt that there was one which pipped the others to the post and that was BM6667 by James Clowes. It was relatively intuitive to open but won on the basis of being very pilfer proof on the returned box.

We enjoyed looking at the entries and we pass on our thanks to every entrant. There wasn’t a dud in the pack!”

Both CEO, Nick Kirby and Managing Director, Jo Offord agreed with the judges that there were merits in all of the designs, and features that can no doubt be mixed and matched depending on the specific brief. Well done to James and all our applicants, their offerings will soon be available to all customers.

If you’d like to know more about what we offer, please get in touch with us here.