Cygnus Eco Board versus Cygnus Excellent Display Board

Swanline Paper and Board’s Cygnus® material line offers a great range of diversity and capabilities. Our top two selling materials include the Cygnus Eco Board and the Cygnus Excellent Display Board, both offering a variety of benefits, including being 100% recyclable and FSC® certified and both are ideal alternatives to plastics.

But what makes these materials so popular and yet so different? We compare these two eco-friendly materials below:


Cygnus Eco Board:


This material is 100% paper based and yet resistant to water and moisture, which means it is perfect for temporary or short-term outdoor signage and moisture sensitive packaging. It is an ideal alternative to soft foam boards, foam PVC, fluted polypropylene, PE coated materials and other plastic composites. Cygnus Eco Board is perfect for eco conscious companies looking to move away from plastics.




  • This material is food safe, up to 830 micron.
  • It is fully and easily recycled and can be reused up to 8 times.
  • It is compostable as well as biodegradable – it can be disposed of in the normal paperboard waste stream and has EN 13432.
  • Outstanding print results – suitable for offset, screen and flatbed digital print techniques
  • Exceptional ink adhesion – a smooth print surface means that when compared to fluted polypropylene, there is no flute shadow
  • Superior conversion results – can be digitally cut or die cut
  • Recycled contents – made from up to 70% recycled content (depending on calliper)


Commonly used for:

  • Ecommerce Packs
  • Fish Packaging
  • Fruit/Vegetable Punnets
  • Beer/Wine Packs
  • Freezer signs



Cygnus Excellent Display Board:


This material is a smooth, white-centred board with a clean core and provides an excellent alternative to foam PVC, styrene and foam boards. It is the market leading display board for indoor retail signage and POS applications. It is the ideal material for a recyclable alternative to plastics. It is a category leading product that delivers multiple benefits for Swanline customers and the planet.




  • This material is fully recyclable – it has a smooth white surface with a clean core.
  • It has outstanding printability – suitable for direct print in offset, screen and UV flatbed digital.
  • The board is rigid – it has 50% greater rigidity vs leading European made foam PVC.  This added strength means the paper board will not crack or shatter during cutting, which can happen with some plastic substrates.
  • Reduced transport costs by up to 33% – less material is required to achieve the equivalent level of rigidity delivered by low density foam PVC, therefore it is lighter as well as being able to transport more at a time.
  • Completely flat – Excellent Display Board will not curl or crease at any point, it will remain flat throughout the lifespan of the product.


Commonly used for:

  • Instore Signage
  • Instore Display


Both Cygnus Eco Board and Excellent Display Board offer a huge range of advantages, especially as companies strive towards more eco friendly alternatives. Swanline hold a stock of materials ready for next day delivery in most instances. To find out how these materials could benefit you, get in touch with Swanline Paper & Board today.