Case Study – Sustainable Mop Trays

For those in the Point of Sale / Point of Purchase (POS/POP) industries, specifically those making Free Standing Display Units (FSDU’s), mop trays are vital when installing cardboard units in-store. The mop tray has always been the perfect product for ensuring the longevity of cardboard displays from the wear and tear of daily floor cleaning in supermarket and shop environments and increases the life expectancy of cardboard FSDU’s by more than five times the lifespan of those without.

Unfortunately, as mop trays are generally made from plastic, like PVC, PP and PET, most end up in landfill, as they are rarely recycled properly. Swanline have addressed this issue by developing a sustainable version produced from its own water resistant, eco-friendly Cygnus® Eco Board, so that the entire FSDU, including the mop tray, can be recycled together in the paper waste.

A period of rigorous prototyping and testing resulted in the current Swanline 430-micron version which makes up in a similar way to its plastic counterpart. The ‘shelf life’ is as good as a PVC version, lasting as long as the FSDU is on the shop floor, which is an average of 6 weeks but could be up to 6 months, without fail.

Swanline are committed to cost neutral sustainability and in many instances, this mop tray is as cost effective as a PVC version.

In recent years, and driven by consumer demand, sustainable and recyclable alternatives to   plastic products have become more and more sought after. Many retailers and brands are now insisting on plastic free products so these mop trays are a welcome addition to FSDU’s and even provide an additional branding opportunity as they can be printed to match the rest of the stand. Swanline are proud to have developed this product, as before this new mop tray innovation, there was no sustainable alternative. We have now been successfully supplying Cygnus Eco Board mop trays for over three years without issue.

If you’re looking for a sustainable POS solution or a biodegradable alternative to plastic, then get in touch with Swanline Group here and let us see what we can do for you.