Case Study – FESPA Award Box

Swanline Group is proud of its award-winning design team and its wide ranging production capabilities, however, as Swanline is a confidential trade supplier, the majority of the time we are unable to showcase our end products.

On occasion, Swanline is asked to design and produce products for the packaging sector, such as FESPA’s awards box, to display the awards and certificates for the 2020 award winners in its annual celebration of excellence in the global speciality print and visual communications community. The FESPA Awards are normally presented at a gala dinner in London but the Coronavirus pandemic prevented this during 2020. The alternative was to design a presentation box that portrayed the prestigious nature of the awards whilst offering an element of surprise for the recipients.

The FESPA Award Box was initially created in August 2020. Graeme Richardson-Locke (FESPA Technical Support Manager) discussed the concept with Swanline CEO, Nick Kirby. FESPA wanted to create a unique design to allow them to deliver their prestigious trophy and catalogues to the allocated winners of the 2020 FESPA Awards. The design needed to be unique and create an exceptional experience for the lucky winners. The unit also had to be technically functional and hold and display the products safely and securely, as well as being able to travel well, as it would be dispatched all over the world.

The design team created a number of prototypes and on review settled on a drawer system to present the awards. The system of two drawers allowed the award trophy to be held securely in the top drawer together with the award certificate with the bottom drawer containing three award catalogues.

The Swanline design team also created an e-commerce style pack to transport the unit to all the global destinations. This unit created an unprecedented level of protection around the inner pack to ensure the safe delivery of the award box. The FESPA award box was printed digitally four-colour process and then die cut on the production CAD table, along with the e-commerce transport pack.

From design, through to testing and completion, FESPA Technical Support Manager, Graeme, was informed of progress and involved every step of the way to ensure his approval throughout. From initial concept to delivery, it took roughly one month to design, test, approve and produce the FESPA Award Box.

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The next FESPA awards will take place in 2023, you can register your interest here.