Swanline Paper & Board Mops Up

waitrose mop tray

Swanline Paper & Board has collaborated with Bladen Box to provide a more environmentally friendly POS solution for a leading grocery retailer.

Floor standing display units sited within supermarkets usually sit within a mop tray – a plastic tray designed to protect the display from water damage when the floor is cleaned.  Use of Swanline Paper and Board’s Cygnus Eco Board – a water resistant material – allows the clear polyprop tray to be replaced with a fibre-based tray.  This means the whole display becomes plastic free.  The tray can also be printed to match the rest of the display.

Ross Griffin, MD, Swanline Paper & Board; “Working with Bladen Box is so exciting, they are a customer who truly want eco alternatives. When we launched Cygnus® Eco Board we knew that it would be a solution that would fit with Bladen Box’s strategy, they are always keen to offer sustainable alternatives to their clients.”

James Bladen, MD, Bladen Box; “Fit for purpose eco alternatives are few and far between for the POS market and when we were introduced to Cygnus Eco Board we knew it was something special.  It has fantastic qualities: no plastic, 100% recyclable, FSC certified, biodegradable and compostable and, most amazingly, it is moisture resistant. One of the first applications we wanted to test it for was mop trays. This has been a successful product for us as I have always felt that the polypropylene mop tray doesn’t aesthetically look part of the unit.  One might say it looks like an afterthought.


Cygnus Eco Board has enabled us to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic substrates that can also be printed and become a true part of the POS unit, so it makes for a much better, more integrated end result”.

Robbie McGregor, Sales Director of Bladen Box’s customer, Jutexpo, stated, “We have been working with Bladen Box for the past ten years with a focus on eco-friendly displays for our eco-friendly products.  Over the last year, we have chosen to use the Cygnus Eco material as it removes a plastic product that, until now, had to form part of the displays within our client’s supply chain”.

Swanline Group has developed over 35 applications where Cygnus Eco Board can replace single use plastic; these include outdoor signage, ecommerce boxes, plant pots, menu cards and ice buckets.   Ross Griffin; “We are passionate about eradicating single use plastic from the packaging and point of sale sectors as it is an issue we need to solve.  We have truly innovative products, which are not only fit for purpose but in some cases are cost neutral and we are very excited about the future”.